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SCHLINGEL Film Festival

At the International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience SCHLINGEL in Chemnitz, you can see special films from all over the world off the Hollywood mainstream every year in the week before the autumn holidays. These films are meant to take you to other countries, touch you or make you think. Because films are a great way to discover the world from home.

The Sächsischer Kinder- und Jugendfilmdienst e.V. is behind all this. It is on the lookout all year round for exactly such productions. For this purpose we travel around the world to various festivals, exchange ideas with other experts in the industry and are in contact with many filmmakers and distributors. Over the year, more than 4,000 productions accumulate, which our screening commissions look at and then select the best ones for you. Many of them are awarded at the SCHLiNGEL or later at other festivals - often even by you, as there are always children's or youth juries as well as professional juries. 

So it's a pity that you could only see many films here in Chemnitz during our festival week - BISHER! Because now you can watch many highlights of the last SCHLINGEL editions here on this platform throughout the year. Just click through, because in the three categories Child, Junior and Youth there is guaranteed to be something for everyone, no matter whether you are interested in short or long films. Our film educators will give each film an age recommendation. So you are sure to find the right film for you. 

Have fun browsing!